Let’s Keep Medical Devices and Right to Repair Separate

by Wayne Moore, founding partner at Acertara Acoustic Laboratories | RealClear Health

There is a growing question in this country regarding an individual’s right to repair the products and devices they purchase for themselves or their business. It is being hotly debated by stakeholders from all sides of the business community, political spectrum, and on the international stage as well. The discussion also includes a host of technology-based products ranging in complexity from cell phones to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) medical imaging systems.

On its face, the argument from those who are for the unfettered right to repair is that “if you own it, you should be able to repair it.” However, what that remarkably simple statement really means is, give anyone access to a manufacturer’s service manual, device security codes, tools, and parts, all of which should be supplied at no cost or, in the case of parts, at “reasonable” cost.

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