Minnesota passes broadest Right to Repair measure to date

by Nathan Proctor, Senior Director of the Campaign for the Right to Repair | Public Interest Research Group

“The Minnesota legislation covered all electronic products except for cars and medical devices. As the bill moved forward, farm and construction equipment was also exempted, as were video game consoles and home energy storage systems.” 

Thanks to a landmark win in the state Legislature, Minnesotans are going to have a much easier time fixing their stuff — and just might help lead the nation into a more fixable future.

On May 17, lawmakers in the Minnesota state House concurred with the Minnesota state Senate on a consumer-friendly legislative package and sent the bill to Gov. Tim Walz. The governor signed the bill on Wednesday, May 24. Our Digital Right to Repair bill (originally filed as HF 1337 and SF 1598) ended up as part of this omnibus legislation. It is the most comprehensive Right to Repair package yet passed, and fills in many of the loopholes that watered down the New York Right to Repair legislation.

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